Rafael Biriba

Lead Backend Developer

Working at Blacklane

Lives in Berlin / Germany

From Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

30 years old

10+ years/experience

About Me

I'm Rafael Biriba, a full stack web developer with more than 10 years of experience who loves to learn and create new stuff.

I've started learning programming languages (PHP and Javascript) on my own back in 2005 when I was still in high school. I was super excited by creating new stuff that I decided to study this subject in the university.

Today, with almost 11 years of professional experience, I've created applications using technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML5, Javascript (Jquery / Backbone.js), Video encoding and delivery (Flash Media Server, Wowza, ffmpeg tools), Database SQL and NoSQL (Mysql, MongoDB, Redis), Virtualization, and automation using virtualbox and docker.

I'm also interested in infrastructure, mainly using Puppet to orchestrate deployments, all combined with best practices and techniques such as TDD, Domain Driven Design, and Object Oriented Design.

Some of most importants / recents projects that I participated (architecting, developing and/or maintaining):

Blacklane Driver API (2017)
Refactoring and creation of another internal API (v2) to onboarding new companies/drivers and also to manage rides for current partners.
Sportv Play for Olympic Games (2016)
Sportv Play is a video website that support the paid tv channel Sportv. About 60 live transmissions available in realtime for the olympic games.
Login and Authorization application (2015)
Application that handle the login process and authorization of each video play in GlobosatPlay product. Thousands of request per minute with only 25ms of response.
Telecine Play (2015)
Telecine Play is a video website that support the paid tv channel Telecine Play. Thousands of movies available to watch, recommendation system and a lot of logged user experience.

This project list may be outdated. You can see the complete list, updated and with more details at my LinkedIn profile

I'm always trying to share my knowledge with the community, be sure to check out some of my Talks and Presentations

If you have any question, you can also contact me. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.