Secretlab Titan batman after 1 year: Is it really worth? Check this review post before buying your chair!

In 2020, with everyone being forced to work from home due to the covid pandemic situation, I felt that it could last for many months. So I decided to invest some money in a good chair.

Because I have lumbar back pain very often, it was very important to find something that provides good back support.

After some readings and googling, it is very easy to spot Secretlab advertisement as the most comfortable chair at the market. But is it comfortable indeed?

So I gave it a try: at the time, I paid ~420eur for the Secretlab Titan Dark Knight edition (or simply called Batman chair).

A few weeks later, the chair arrived in a big box! Such an amazing experience of building it!

Here are some questions answered, that will cover why I got Secretlab and my one year experience:

Before you place your order

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Why I got the Titan model and not Omega?

I only have 176cm. with normal average leg size, and I have to say that titan is the maximum size for me. At the minimum height of the chair, I can touch the ground with my entire feet and that is it, there is no room to go lower than this.

But Titan chairs have a HUGE benefit comparing to Omega. The ability to sit crossing legs position. There is plenty of space to cross one or even both legs. And that for me is the argument that I needed to place the titan order.


Well, there is plenty of designs around… My first attempt was to buy the normal black, but it was out of stock, so I choose the fancy Batman chair… (Or maybe because I am the batman, who knows?)

Leather PU or Fabric?

I am an allergic person and my apartment is in a very dust area.

Before Secretlab I had a DXRacer fabric edition. In few weeks the fabric gets a layer of dust over it. To clean a fabric chair is super complicated and requires a powerful vacuum cleaner, and even with this, they do not clean well.

Even knowing that fake leather is risky, I still believe that is much easier to clean, so I decided on that.

Leather PU 2.0. How does it look like after 1 year? How do you clean it?

Usually, I am very careful with my stuff. Because I know that fake leather doesn’t survive many years, especially with the friction and sweat of the body, I decided to place a towel over it. I am using the towel since day one. (sometimes when the towels are washing/drying, I am using the chair unprotected).

The second benefit of having the towel, as I mentioned above, I am an allergic person. Having a leather (even fake) with a cover, I can wash it every week and for the chair, I can just clean in 5 minutes all the dust.

For the cleaning, I am using this Secretlab cleaning product. (link). They created this product to help clean the seat and protect the leather.

On the images below, you can see my towel, I am using some clothes pegs to hold the towel in place. You can also see some images of the chair without the towel, and the leather is still 100%. Actually, I could easily sell the chair now as almost new, there are literally no details, scratches, or damages.

Wheels for the hard floor? How is the floor after one year?

I got wheels for the hard floor on my titan chair… After 1 year, using the chair every day for many hours (literally, even weekends) the floor is still the same.

The only downside for me is the dirt collected by the wheels (Check the image below). I took this image before cleaning the wheels, so you can have an idea how the wheels look like after 2 weeks without cleaning them properly.

Also after few weeks, you can actually hear the wheel’s noise due to the dust spinning with the wheel, that is my reminder to go there and clean the wheel.

How about your posture and pains?

The lumbar support could be better. On the maximum configuration, I can barely feel the lumbar support, but it is there. “But is it bad, right?” I am not totally sure.

The truth is: I am 1-year without back pain. Actually, this chair is much more comfortable than my sofa. It is rare on the weekend to watch something instead of playing on my computer (and use the chair). But when I have a chance to go to the sofa to watch a movie on the tv, I got myself switching back to the chair since I can change the angle, and with a feet support, it is much much better compared to my sofa.

Conclusion: How about the overall 1-year experience?

I am now using the chair for around 1 year… And what is my final verdict? A strong yes!

I will commit myself to write another blog post after 2 years. But so far, I have zero complaints…

If you think the chair is expensive, check how many hours you are going to spend on it. On my own calculations, my gaming/working chair is more important than my mattress, since I am usually sleeping 8h there, but I am on my desk for way more than 10-12 per day.

So think twice when you decide on a cheap chair. Your butts and your back you thank you with so much quality.

Extra: How about this cushion on the arms?

Well, that is a DIY stuff. I got them on aliexpress. Unfortunetally, the link is no longer works, so I can not recommend to you. But you search for “chair arm cushion” there is similar models that you can try on it.

Did you like this review?

NOTE: You can support my blog content, using my referral link before you place your order to buy the chair. Just need to use my link below (short link or full link, they are the same), before you place your order:

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