Felyx 30min for free: Get 30 minutes for free on your first ride with Felyx

Get 30 minutes for free on your first ride using Felyx.

Copy the code below to secure your 30 minutes for free:

Access https://ride.felyx.com/refer

And use the code: 4eoJVHj2


When you sign up to Felyx simply add the promo code to get 30 minutes for free your first scooter ride.

The gift code needs to be added in your account under the menu Free rides, you can find the voucher icon to add your promo code. You have to do this before you make your first ride.

Felyx is a fast, convenient, and completely electric way to move through the city. You’ll enjoy all the advantages of having your own electric scooter, but do not have the burden of actually owning one.

Where/How to get add promo code:

  1. Register via https://ride.felyx.com/refer

  2. Use the promo code: 4eoJVHj2

    • On the App menu, access free ride and then add the promo code
  3. Enjoy your ride!

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